American Bulldog – Characteristics And Behavior

american bulldog

The American bulldog is a breed of dog that is increasingly known worldwide as it has been gaining followers little by little and many breeders are already beginning to popularize their most notable specimens.

It is a field dog, used in many cases as a livestock guardian and even for hunting. The breed appeared in the United States many years ago. It is a sporty dog, with a generally good character and of a medium size.

american bulldog

Their body is compact and muscular, which allows them to move with much more agility than the other varieties of bulldog. They are sporting dogs that need to move continuously. Females are somewhat smaller than males. As they are very energetic animals, they need to eat top quality dog food very often.

If your dog exercises very often, it is convenient to use foods rich in carbohydrates with a high caloric intake. Brands like Royal Canin offer special feed for them.

Their medium size makes them need conventional dog beds , so finding them is not a problem. However, it is necessary to offer them reinforced dog carriers so that they cannot break the sides with their great musculature.

If the American bulldogs are characterized by something, it is for being very calm and pleasant dogs that can be part of any family in which there are both other pets and children.

Their appearance may seem a bit rough in some cases, but they are usually the most friendly individuals who are very respectful and faithful to their caregivers. They are excellent companion animals.

When thinking about keeping a new dog in the home, many things must be taken into account such as the space we have and the type of life we ​​lead. Dogs of this breed are very active, so they would appreciate living in a house with a garden.

Failing that, they would have to be taken out very often. Their character is balanced and they can coexist perfectly with other pets, so that is not a problem of any kind. The American bulldog is a dog that learns very quickly, so that if it is properly educated it can live indoors without any problems arising at first.

Origin and History Of American Bulldogs

american bulldog

In speaking of the history of the breed, various distinctions can be made. First of all, we are going to talk about what happened in the United States. Working-class immigrants brought the first specimens to the south of the country where they were used by farmers for all kinds of tasks, although they were normally considered watchdogs.

Back then they were original bulldogs and were not considered a proper breed. At the end of the Second World War the population of the variant was very low, but John D. Johnson, who was a former combatant who was returning home, decided to promote the breeding of this breed.

After some time searching for the best specimens, he began to search the family trees. Alan Scott and John D.

At first, both breeders exchanged specimens to improve the blood, but over time their vision became more distant and two types of American bulldogs appeared . While Johnson opted for a larger dog to guard the home, Alan Scott opted for a small, athletic dog variant capable of hunting animals.

The breed was originally registered as the American Pit Bulldog in 1970 by the National Kennel Club. However, much later the name was replaced by American Bulldog so that there was no confusion with the American Pit Bull Terrier .

The American Bulldog was officially recognized in 1999 by numerous institutions.

Some scholars assure that the race lasted in the American continent due to the introduction of the wild pigs. The explanation is that these animals became a veritable plague and American bulldogs were the only dogs that the settlers had to eliminate the excess of wild specimens. In Europe the story is somewhat different.

In England and Spain bulldogs were used to support livestock during the 17th and 18th centuries. Many settlers brought these dogs from the American continent to hunt in the forests and to tend properties. In 1835 the bulldog became a common pet.

The domestic variant was smaller and more affectionate. Some specimens were mixed with pugs or pugs until they found the English bulldog variant. However, other specimens were kept pure and were not exposed to major modifications to maintain American bulldog essentials.

In 1835 the old bulldog was almost disappeared in England and Spain. However, the American bulldog is currently safe from disappearance and its popularity has grown considerably. In fact, they are used in many cases as K9 dogs, police dogs or rescue dogs. This is mainly because they have great physical abilities.

The future of the breed is a bit up in the air. It is a very rich animal in terms of genetics since it has participated in the development of different breeds, so you have to take maximum care of them in order to continue producing new varieties.

Seeing the current guidelines, we dare to predict that the American bulldog will acquire a stronger appearance and its size will become somewhat more compact. This can be seen when seeing that today the bully variety is gaining much more popularity, which is characterized by these patterns.

Their continued breeding will make this division of the breed more and more extensive and popular.

American Bulldog Puppies

Today there are many people who search the internet for an American bulldog puppy, but you have to be very careful when choosing an individual because although there are many honest people, unfortunately there are still people whose sole purpose is to profit and for this they do not hesitate to deceive people.

For that very reason, references are so important. It is essential to buy the opinions of the previous clients of a breeder before acquiring a puppy. The sale of bulldog puppies on the internet has not stopped growing in recent years, but all precautions are few when choosing between the different providers.

Sometimes it is best to find someone in your area to be able to see both their facilities and the conditions in which the parents are. When it comes to buying an American bulldog puppy alone

Appearance and Characteristics Of American Bully

One of the most important things in defining the American bulldog is its unique characteristics. The breed must present a strong appearance, with sporty lines. The hair must be short and straight, close to the body. There are different colors, but white must always be present.

They are not allowed to present black masks. The skull is well marked. The eyes are very round and generally dark. Males can be between fifty-five centimeters and sixty-five tall. They can weigh up to fifty-five kilos.

Females weigh up to eighteen pounds and are typically no more than two feet tall.

The muzzle of the American bulldogs is quadrangular and elongated. The American bulldog is a dog with a very muscular complexion that makes them have a lot of strength in the jaw.

When they have their mouths closed their teeth are not visible, but they actually have very long and sharp incisors. They tend to have a black pigmented nose, although some individuals have pink tones. Ears should not be cropped.

This practice is prohibited in the vast majority of the provinces and is something totally unfair and unnecessary. The neck of the American bulldog is extremely strong and on many occasions the veins are pronounced under the skin.

Males are characterized by having more athletic shoulders than females, which are not far behind either. The legs are short but very strong and thick. The tail is thick at its base, but tapers as it advances. They move fluidly without any effort. The line of the back has to be parallel to the direction of movement.

American Bulldog Photos

When buying an American bulldog or simply when looking for more information about them, most users go to the internet to compare the data they are collecting, but just reading is not enough. People who have the opportunity to see an American bulldog in person better than better, but it is also essential to collect images and videos to be able to appreciate many more details.

Through the photos of the American bulldog, small nuances can be perceived that could not be observed even live, since they are very active dogs that hardly stop moving.

The videos and images of American bulldogs that we have shown previously have shown that there are very different individuals from each other. The changes are not only seen in the colors, but also in the complexion and morphology of each American bulldog.

Some animals are more muscular than others. Some are longer and others are wider. There are also lower and higher ones. In short, despite the fact that there is an American bulldog standard, there are many individuals who are quite far from the official rules and sometimes these specimens are the most interesting because they differ greatly from the whole.

Character and Behavior Of American Bulldogs

The American bulldog is a sociable and friendly breed of dog, characterized by having an extremely active behavior. They are very intelligent, so they are easy to educate. They can learn many tricks. In fact, they are used as police and rescue dogs in many countries.

It is usually a dominant animal with other varieties, but if they are properly trained they can get along with all kinds of pets. It is important to educate them firmly and lovingly.

They are protective animals and can live with children as long as they are properly supervised. As in all pets, not all specimens are without equals. To get loving specimens it is best to go to a professional breeder where you can see their parents.

In case of having problems with the education of the dogs, it is best to go to a canine trainer and in the most extreme cases you can even visit a canine psychologist.

bulldogs health

American Bulldog Bully

The American bulldog type bully is one of the most popular variants of the breed, which was popularized for quite some years. It is one of the two original lines from the crosses originally made by Johnson. They are a highly commercialized variant globally, but especially in the United States.

The main difference between one and the other is that American bully bulldogs have a much higher weight, since they have a much more pronounced musculature.

They are more quadrangular animals compared to the standard type, which are lighter. In terms of size they are quite similar, but bully are stronger and their muscles are much more appreciated under the skin. In matters of character they are practically the same.

Although it is worth noting some difference is that some individuals of the bully are much more active and in many occasions they cannot stop still, which can be somewhat annoying when night falls.

American Bully’s Diet and Feeding

Taking care of the American bulldog’s diet is essential to ensure that the animals are in perfect condition. They are strong dogs that need to move very often, but for this they expend a great deal of energy. So that they do not lack anything they should receive a top quality feed with a high caloric intake.

There are people who decide to feed their dogs with natural foods such as those that make up the BARF diet, but from here we think that it is best to opt for a high quality feed rich in animal protein. Brands such as Royal Canin, Advance or Libra offer top quality feed suitable to improve the day-to-day life of American bulldogs.

In case of intolerance or heavy digestion, you can opt for prices composed only of vegetable matter, although it is not the most recommended.

It must be taken into account that dogs are descended directly from wolves and therefore their organism is adapted to feed like a strict carnivore. One of the most important things when it comes to food is the amount of food that American bulldogs should eat.

That can vary greatly depending on the size of each individual, their metabolism and the amount of exercise they do per day. If an American bulldog does not do much sport, the ration must be much lower than if it is an extremely active individual.

On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that although the puppies eat less, their rations should not be limited so much because they are in the process of growth and it is good that they are properly fed.

In case of detecting that a dog is gaining more weight than adequate, it is necessary to adapt the diet to prevent it from suffering from problems related to being overweight.

American Bulldogs for sale

Nowadays it is really easy to find an American bulldog for sale , but you have to be very careful when choosing where to buy or adopt it. The Internet is full of amateur sellers who raise puppies that in many cases do not comply with all the guarantees, for that reason professionals recommend going to experts who know what they are doing.

In most cases the price may be slightly higher in a professional breeding center, but the investment may be well worth it. People who do not want to spend too much money can find their ideal place in an animal shelter.

There may be American bulldog puppies in shelters, so it can be great to go there to adopt an animal in need. Finding a free American bulldog is not easy, but it may be the case and for that reason we recommend visiting all the shelters that you can.

Some pet stores also sell bulldogs of the American variety, but they are not easy to find and sometimes the cost is much higher than average.

 American Bulldog Youtube videos

If there is something beneficial on the internet, it is that you can learn many things without having to leave your home. To acquire a dog or simply to find out about the breed, we recommend reading, seeing photos and watching all the possible videos to understand all the characteristics of the breed. For the same reason, below we put some videos of American bulldog so that all fans or all curious people can see them in detail.



As you have been able to see in the videos above there are many types of American bulldogs and despite the fact that they tend to have similar characteristics in many cases some individuals are quite different from others.

The colors are multiple, but all the copies have to have something of white color to be considered as approved by the standard worldwide. As you can see in the second video, puppies are usually quite restless but as they grow older they calm down.

However, many adult specimens can present a very active and jovial character with their caretakers, especially when it comes to playing.

American Bulldog Exercise and Agility

The dogs of the American bulldog breed are characterized by having a strong and very robust complexion, so it is essential to encourage exercise so that they do not lose the natural muscles that characterize them so much.

To play sports with them, you only have to teach them from when they are very young, since otherwise they can be a bit more reluctant and it would be difficult to achieve it completely.

Exercise is not only good for them to be in top shape, but also through games, the bonds between the caregiver and their pets can be strengthened, making the relationship between them better and better.

One of the most common exercises among American bulldogs is playing with the ball. In pet stores there are high-quality rubber balls and chews that can be very useful for entertaining pets.

These types of accessories can be used both indoors and outdoors, either in gardens or public parks. You have to choose the most suitable balls so that the dogs can play quietly without hurting themselves.

Lately a growing trend has emerged that consists of playing dog dic or frisbee toss with American bulldogs. It is a highly recommended and fun practice for both caregivers and pets. Through this exercise the whole body is strengthened because many muscles are worked at the same time.

In addition, the dogs will be using their intelligence to know where you are going to throw the puck and that can be beneficial at the brain level.

Canicross could also be a very viable option for American bulldogs, but it would be necessary to bring fresh water at all times to be able to offer it whenever they wish. Hydration is very important in these types of activities.

You can go running with the dogs both in the city and in rural and mountainous environments. In each place there are some benefits and some dangers, so you have to watch the dogs very well at all times so that no problems arise.

Buy American Bulldog

The sale of American bulldogs is a fairly common practice over the internet. There are more and more private breeders who decide to breed their pets and put up for sale the puppies that cannot stay.

Through classified ad portals you can buy an American bulldog at a very cheap price, but it is not always the best option.

To acquire a bulldog on the internet it is better to resort to the web pages of specialized breeding centers since there are sometimes scammers on classified ad sites and the whole process could be truncated.

You only have to buy or adopt live animals through the internet if you have a lot of confidence with the user on the other side and if he has shown to have sufficient knowledge about the breed as well as if he has presented himself as a serious breeder and with good references .

You have to avoid being too trusting because throughout the online world there are also many frauds and some individuals present bad practices in the sale of American bulldogs.

Breed American Bulldog Standard

american bulldog

The standard of the American bulldog are a series of characteristics that all individuals of that breed must meet to be considered as such. According to the official rules of the canine clubs, the dogs that go outside the standard should not be reproduced to avoid gradually distorting the legacy of the breed.

  • It is a large or medium breed dog, with an athletic and sporty complexion.
  • The character of the American bulldog must be balanced. Its robust, powerful and totally compact body offers you great agility when it comes to moving around.
  • The males are firmer than the females, although in some cases the females have a more marked type. In competitions there are two types of American bulldog and are judged separately.
  • On the one hand there are those created by Johnson or bully and others those promoted by Scott, also known as standard.
  • Mixes between the two variants rarely have a place in such competitions. Males can be about two feet long, while females rarely exceed fifty-five.
  • An adult male can weigh up to fifty-five kilograms, but females are normally under forty-five.
  • Those that belong to the bully typology tend to be more muscular, while the standard ones tend to show thinner and with better sports skills.
  • The hair of the American bulldog should be robust, short and well-fitted.
  • They can be of different colors. However, the most conventional is that they are white with dark, tan or red spots.
  • They are allowed to present up to ninety percent color, but they must always have white on the top of the head.
  • As far as colors are concerned, individuals with a black mask, blue or merle spots and a black skirt are eliminated from the contests.
  • The length of the head should be normal, maintaining a certain harmony with the size of the dog at all times.
  • The cheek muscles protrude a lot as a result of their length.
  • The eyes are large, rounded and should be shown well apart.
  • The pinnacle of the American bulldog skull should be flat. The eyes are usually dark, black or coppery. Blue eyes are accepted, although they are considered defective and can lower the overall mark a bit in contests.
  • The pigmentation of the nose must be black, although it can be brown or gray. The pink nose is also accepted.
  • The ears of the American bulldog must be of medium size and be aligned with the upper part of the skull half lowered.
  • The neck is of medium length, muscular and should remain slightly arched.
  • It tends to squash a bit in the area between the head and shoulders.
  • The skin may have some folds.
  • The shoulder blade is usually long and protruding, but the shoulders do not allow the elbows to turn outward.
  • The muzzle of the American bulldog can measure between five and ten centimeters.
  • It is usually quite square, thick and long.
  • Your jaw must be powerful.
  • The lower jaw should be wide enough to prevent the lower molars from stacking.
  • The lips may be thick, but they should not hang down.
  • Also, the favorite pigmentation for pageants is black.
  • They are working dogs that must be endowed with a complete set of teeth with forty-two incisors.
  • They should not be seen or appreciated with their mouths closed, as this would lead to a possible disqualification.
  • Standard American bulldogs have a reverse scissor dentition, while American bully bulldogs can have scissor, pincer and reverse scissor dentitions.
  • The American bulldog’s chest is deep and broad, but at no time should it be over-muscled.
  • The spine should be of medium size and should be slightly pronounced on the loin.
  • The rear part of the animal is wide and short, slightly sloping until its entire body ends.
  • The lower part of the body of dogs of this breed is not too wide. The queue must remain whole at all times.
  • It is thick at its base and narrow as it gets closer to the tip.
  • When the dog is relaxed the tail reaches the hock joints.
  • The tail does not roll on itself as it does in other breeds.
  • The tail must not be sectioned.
  • The legs of the American bulldog are strong, very straight and built from a fairly solid skeleton.
  • The femoral joint marks a very sharp right angle.
  • The feet must be of medium size, with tight well arched toes.
  • The weight has to be distributed evenly on all four limbs.
  • The stride of the American bulldog is agile.
  • The movement starts from the back and spreads slightly forward.

Causes of Disqualification

french bulldog

There are a series of physical characteristics that can end up causing an American bulldog to be disqualified from the parameters previously established within the breed, so you have to be very careful when crossing the specimens and when selecting the dogs. new offspring destined for reproduction.

The presence of fangs inside, as well as the lack of three or more premolars, are cause for disqualification. The jaw is the main problem in many cases.

If they have a jaw structure that is too advanced, they can easily be disowned from competitions. However, not everything is related to its appearance.

More subjective things like the movement of the animal can also go a long way in convincing the jurors. When an American bulldog moves by jogging, it must move in a completely fluid way, without making any kind of effort. In addition, the line of the bulldog’s back must always be parallel to the direction of movement.

For color issues there may also be penalties. Black skirts, blue spots, and blackish masks are not allowed in most international competitions. Any anomaly in the structure of the teeth can be taken as a fault in official competitions and dog shows.

The narrow hip can be defined as a serious defect. Dogs of the American Bulldog breed can be penalized in competitions depending on the severity of the offense.

Defects considered cosmetic tend to be of much lower severity. The most serious defects fit the structure necessary to become a strength or working dog. Cosmetic defects are those that correspond to the color of the eyes or nose, the size of the tail or ears, and the absence of at least four premolars.

American Bulldog Crossbreeds and Similar Breeds

The American bully has the blood of the Norman Mastiff. However, today there are already breeds of dogs that have emerged from the bulldog of American origin.

For example, from crossing Rafeiros do Alentejo with American Bulldogs and later with American Staffordshire Terriers, the Abraxas Bulldog emerged.

In reality, the American bulldog can be mixed with any other breed, but you have to avoid having offspring because today there are millions of homeless individuals in shelters.

Among the breeds similar to the American bulldog, we must mention the English bulldog and the French bulldog. They are actually the two best known variants, but the first American individuals arose much earlier.

In fact, it is believed that the French bulldog arose from the mix of the pug with the American bulldog. The French variety is characterized by having a much smaller size.

They have a large head and a compact body. They stand out for having very large and disproportionate eyes in relation to the rest of the body. The English bulldog is similar in size to the American, although instead of being so muscular it is a breed with a fatter complexion.

They are without a doubt the best-known bulldogs in the world. As you have seen,

American Bulldog grooming

american bulldogs

When it comes to talking about the care of the American bulldog It is necessary to emphasize basic things used to improve the well-being of all dogs.

In the first place they must be fed with high quality food as it can be a good feed. Puppies should receive additional boosters of calcium and vitamins, as well as essential oils such as salmon that contain a large amount of Omega 3 and 6, which are important elements to improve their good health.

Like food, rest is also really important for dogs of this breed to be well since they can spend up to fifteen hours a day sleeping. To do this, choose beds for dogs of a medium or large size in which the animals can lie down and relax quietly, extending their limbs if they wish.

Although some individuals like rounded resting areas,

One of the most important things when talking about the care of American bulldogs is hygiene . Like all dogs, they should be given a bath every one or two months, increasing that figure if the animal often goes outside and gets dirty.

Products to clean the ears and the eye contour can be found in pet stores that can be very beneficial in improving their sanitation. As they have short hair, they hardly require specific care, what can be done is to use a specific shampoo to prevent the skin from becoming too dry.

This variety of bulldog is much more active than its close relatives and for that reason they need to go outside very often to exercise.

During the walks, you have to look for resistant collars and leashes because in many cases problems related to the great strength that their muscles give them can arise. Gambling shouldn’t just take place outside the home.

Inside the house they should have different toys within reach so that they can be distracted at all times, since otherwise boredom could cause them to acquire a more destructive behavior in terms of home furnishings.

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