Types Of Bulldogs – Interesting Facts About Bulldogs

american bulldog

When we talk about bulldogs, we usually think of the English , American or French bulldog . Without a doubt, these are the 3 most popular variations; but there are others that also enjoy great admiration around the world. In general, these are the different types of bulldog to consider: English bulldog American bulldog French bulldog Australian bulldog Old English bulldog (Olde English Bulldogge) Catahoula Bulldog […]

The Right Ways to Teach a British Bulldog Puppy to Walk on a Leash

british bulldog

Touted as man’s best friend, dogs have long been side by side with humans already aiding them in everything in accordance to world’s ancestors’ original ill for domesticating wolves and wild dogs. As time passed and different breeds were created, dogs perfectly intertwined with the human race’s culture and in no time earned the title […]