Difference Between British Bulldog and American Breeds

american bulldog

Both British and the American bulldog are very nice looking dogs with lots of positive characteristics. However, there are certain differences and if you plan to get a dog for yourself, make sure you go through all of them in order to make the right choice.

If you prefer being inside the house and just want a company and a protection then a British bulldog is a better choice. On the other hand, If you like to take long walks and spend more time outdoors, American bulldog would be a perfect fit.

The more you match the temperament of the dog, the better you will get along and there will be no frustration, just spending a nice time with your furry friend.

British Bulldog

british bulldog

British or English Bulldogs are considered to be a classic type. Its head is large, droopy and wrinkly. Their legs are short.

Their weight varies, but they are in most cases around fifty pounds. British Bulldogs are very brave and defend their master at any cost. They are excellent guard dogs and seeing them any intruder would run. If you need this kind of protection then this is the breed for you. Their main physical characteristics are:

  • Their skin hangs of their neck
  • They are famous for their pushed in snout
  • The shoulders are broad
  • The neck is wide and short
  • Their coat can be fawn, red, white or the combination of these
  • They are sensitive to high temperatures.

American Bulldog

american bulldog

american bulldog

The American bulldog is a utility dog and there are two types: classic and standard, as well as the mix of the two. It is a very strong dog with a smooth and short hair, with a very masculine body.

They are famous for their drooling. Their weight goes from sixty to hundred and twenty pounds, but there are definitely dogs with greater weight than this. Even though they look dangerous, they are actually friendly and great for families.

They are very active and confident but tend to be emotional. American bulldog can be great with kids, especially when they spend their time with them from the very beginning. Investing time and efforts to train them gives great results so they can be easily controlled in every situation.

They can leap 6 feet high or even more than that. There are certain standards for the way the American bulldog looks like:

  • Eye color can vary, but black is preferred, especially if the dog is white
  • The nose can be grizzle, brown or red
  • The lips should not be too loose
  • The front legs are straight, strong and heavy boned
  • The tail is small, set low, it is thick close to the body and then gets narrowed
  • The coat can be white, tan, red, brown, piebald and fawn.
  • The reason American bulldog is so popular is their loyalty. They are very brave and reliable. Once they get attached to their master, they tend to be very protective.

Main differences between British and American bulldogs

When it comes to the appearance, British bulldogs are generally shorter and are known for their wrinkly faces. On the other hand, American bulldogs can be easily spotted and recognized because they are taller, have longer legs and are very active.

If you need a working dog, then American bulldog is the right choice, while British bulldogs are known as lapdogs. Both of these breeds tend to react with certain aggressive behavior towards unknown dogs and this is very important to remember in order to avoid any possible problems.

British bulldogs enjoy more to spend time in the house and they do not require lots of space, while American breeds tend to spend more time outside and they need more exercises daily. The lifespan of American bulldogs is longer.

After carefully reading all the characteristics, it won’t be much trouble to choose. Both breeds look wonderful and are very useful, but make a wise choice. Not only you will be happy, but the dog will be grateful. Buying a dog that wants to be outside while you enjoy watching movies can be a real torture for both.

Supplements, Foods and Fitness Course

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