Types Of Bulldogs – Interesting Facts About Bulldogs

american bulldog

When we talk about bulldogs, we usually think of the English , American or French bulldog . Without a doubt, these are the 3 most popular variations; but there are others that also enjoy great admiration around the world.

In general, these are the different types of bulldog to consider:

  1. English bulldog
  2. American bulldog
  3. French bulldog
  4. Australian bulldog
  5. Old English bulldog (Olde English Bulldogge)
  6. Catahoula Bulldog
  7. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog
  8. Ca de Bou
  9. Victorian bulldog
  10. Valley Bulldog
  11. Campeiro Bulldog
  12. Continental bulldog
  13. Bullmastiff

These bulldogs have different histories, different looks, and even different temperaments. Of course, all bulldogs share something in common: their ancestors.

So let’s see what makes them unique …

1. English Bulldog

It all started with the English bulldog . Historical evidence points to the fact that this dog emerged in the 13th century in England. At that time it was used as a guard dog, but its main purpose was blood sports, specifically the fattening of bulls.

Given its fearless, fierce and tenacious attitude, the English bulldog was thrown into a bull pit to fight. Once inside, its strong jaws served to outwit and hold the large animal. This is how the name “bull dog” was born.

white english bulldog standing on the couch

Once the fattening of bulls was banned, breeders dedicated their efforts to making this bulldog the smooth, calm and familiar pet we know today.

Although its stocky, muscular build, and that intimidating bite can give us the impression of an aggressive dog, the truth is that the English bulldog is quite docile and affectionate .

Most of them exhibit a laid-back and carefree character, which makes them patient and affectionate with children.

They also tend to get along well with other pets in the home, but may show territorial aggression towards unfamiliar dogs, or in the face of a potential threat.

  • Origin: England
  • Life expectancy: 8-10 years
  • Height: 35-38 cm
  • Weight: 18-22 kg
  • Temperament: friendly, docile, outgoing

2. American Bulldog

The American bulldog is the classic dog that shows endurance , agility and strength . He is a direct descendant of the English bulldog, although he is a bit more athletic, tall, and heavier. Upon its arrival in North America in the 19th century, the breed evolved as an agricultural working dog. The American bulldog was capable of guarding livestock, herding and capturing wild boar

Later, his calm and obedient personality led him to become an excellent family pet. It is often described as a large dog with a lap demeanor . He loves to please his owner, getting to adopt a true clown attitude.

american bulldog with open mouth

On the other hand, he is an incredibly brave dog, who will be ready to defend you if he deems it necessary.

When well socialized, American Bulldogs are very affectionate with children and tend to get along well with other animals. They are usually cautious , but not aggressive , with strangers.

A peculiarity of the American dog is its high level of energy. It is important that you are able to exercise every day; otherwise, you can develop destructive tendencies.

  • Origin: United States
  • Life expectancy: 10-14 years
  • Height: 50-71 cm
  • Weight: 27-54 kg
  • Temperament: loyal, self-confident, friendly, protective

3. French bulldog

As much admired as the English and American bulldogs are, the most popular type of bulldog is the French . Also known as the Frenchie, this dog was bred with the intention of getting a smaller, more attractive bulldog for most families.

The first specimens of the breed are said to have appeared during the Industrial Revolution in Nottingham, England. They soon became very popular companions among lace makers, as their size allowed them to adapt to apartment living.

French bulldog in alert position on the grass

Later, when the center of the lace industry moved to northern France, many workers moved there, taking their adorable dogs with them. Little by little, the old Frenchie was crossed with other popular breeds, giving rise to the modern French bulldog.

This bulldog has the most distinctive physique among all the other types, not only because of its size, but also because of its large bat ears and short flat muzzle. Like his close relatives, he remains a compact and muscular dog.

It is excellent as a companion animal. They generally have a cheerful , curious, and enthusiastic personality . Although it does not require a lot of exercise, it is important that you have the opportunity to play.

  • Origin: England, France
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Height: 30 cm
  • Weight: 8-12 kg
  • Temperament: affectionate, playful, alert, patient, cunning

4. Australian Bulldog

As the name suggests, this type of bulldog originated in Australia around 1998. Although the Australian bulldog is very similar to its English cousin, there are obvious influences from other breeds, for example the Boxer.

This breed was developed by Noel and Tina Green, the founders of an Australian breeding program, whose goal was to obtain a functional bulldog that was more suited to the harsh climate of Australia.

Australian bulldog walking on a leash

As you might expect, the main breed used was the English bulldog. From its crossing with the Boxer, the Bullmastiff and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier the new Australian dog was obtained. It is a bulldog similar to its predecessor in appearance and temperament, but much healthier and tolerant of heat .

The Australian bulldog can be the perfect pet for those who want a fun, easygoing, intelligent and loyal dog. He loves to swim and play in the water, which is why he is the ideal companion to take to the beach. It is usually a good bulldog for children , and adapts to both home and apartment life.

Its typical state of alertness makes it a good alarm dog, although it is worth clarifying that it is not good as a guard dog.

  • Origin: Australia
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Height: 43-50 cm
  • Weight: 22-35 kg
  • Temperament: affective, loyal, sociable, intelligent

5. Old English bulldog / Olde English Bulldogge

Many mistakenly believe that the old English bulldog and the English bulldog are the same, but the reality is that they are two different types of bulldog. The English bulldogge is the result of a mix between the English Mastiff, American Bulldog, English Bulldog and Pit Bull Terrier breeds.

Developed in the 1970s by David Leavitt, the Old English Bulldogge was destined to bring back the bulldog of the 18th century. Leavitt wanted to breed a dog that would retain the looks, health, and athleticism of old bulldogs.

alert brown bulldogge with tongue out

The end result was a bulldog athletic , powerful , with all the physical qualities of dogs harassers the past, but with a sweeter temperament. The bulldogge is larger, more agile and energetic than the English variety; his face is also less flat .

While it can be willful, courageous, and assertive as a guard dog, it also exhibits a gentle and loving side. As an owner, it is important to note that this bulldog has an alpha mentality ; You must make it clear to him who is the leader of the pack since puppy to establish the hierarchy of the home.

  • Origin: United States
  • Life expectancy: 11 years or more
  • Height: 40-51 cm
  • Weight: 22-36 kg
  • Temperament: brave, adaptable, docile, protective

6. Catahoula Bulldog

The Catahoula bulldog is a cross between the American bulldog and the Catahoula leopard dog (Catahoula Leopard Dog). Despite being a hybrid, this type of bulldog has been around for more than 100 years.

The Catahoula leopard originated in Louisiana, hence the Catahoula bulldog breed also gained popularity in the southern United States. The breed was developed for the performance of common jobs in the region, such as hunting big game and herding cattle.

catahoula bulldog sitting on its hind legs

Although many people may not have heard of them, these bulldogs were very successful at the time. The Catahoula brought out the best in both parents. Physically, he stands out for his great variety of colors and his intensely vivid eyes. Character-wise, he is described as a kind , loyal companion , and an excellent guardian .

He is extremely affectionate with the members of his family . It usually gets along well with children, but is recommended for households with older children. It is not that it is aggressive by nature, but it can hurt children who are very young. Also consider that the Catahoula bulldog does not like strangers .

  • Origin: United States
  • Life expectancy: 10-14 years
  • Height: 61-66 cm
  • Weight: 34-46 kg
  • Temperament: active, agile, devoted, protective, loyal, versatile

7. Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog

You are probably wondering: what is the reason for such a peculiar name? Apparently, the name ” Alapaha of blue blood ” arose due to the belief that this dog represented the nobility. His first breeder is reportedly a foodie named Papa Buck Lane.

This type of bulldog was developed in the southern United States with the goal of herding livestock and chasing and trapping other animals. It was also used as a watchdog.

blue-blooded alapaha standing behind a fence

His past has led him to be a dog with strong protective instincts . It is said that he will be willing to fight to the death to protect his owners. He is usually exceptionally protective of children.

Even so, it is described as an adaptable, friendly, helpful and affectionate pet. He places great importance on the role he plays as a member of the family.

Of course, he is usually very selective with new people and does not always get along with other dogs .

Physically, the portly Alapaha is bigger and stronger than the English bulldog.

In general, it is not the right bulldog for the inexperienced . If you don’t get the proper training and socialization, it can be difficult to handle.

  • Origin: United States
  • Life expectancy: 12-15 years
  • Height: 61 cm
  • Weight: 34-47 kg
  • Temperament: alert, protective, friendly, adaptable, hardworking, intelligent

8. Ca de Bou

The Ca de Bou , sometimes known as the Mallorcan bulldog , is a type of bulldog native to the island of Mallorca, off the east coast of Spain. Like other of his relatives, this is a strong and muscular bulldog that emerged as a guard dog and feeder of bulls.

According to historians, the original Ca de Bou was on the brink of extinction after World War II. The crossing between the few remaining specimens and other Spanish dogs (Mallorcan shepherd, Spanish Alano) gave rise to the current Ca de Bou.

beautiful ca de bou standing on the pavement

Today, it is a good companion for the family, often used as a home guard dog. He can be incredibly dedicated , loving, and patient with children. However, their enormous size and intelligence make establishing a hierarchy in the relationship essential. You must know at all times who is the alpha of the pack.

Not recommended for first time owners . Training and socialization from puppyhood are essential in this breed.

  • Origin Spain
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Height: 50-58 cm
  • Weight: 29-38 kg
  • Temperament: very intelligent, brave, calm, dominant

9. Victorian Bulldog

The Victorian bulldog is a friendly type of bully whose resurgence is largely attributed to breeder Ken Mollett. The history of this dog dates back to Victorian times, hence the name. In the 1980s, Mollett set out to bring bulldogs back from the iconic era.

To do this, he used a combination of English bulldogs with bull terriers, Staffordshire bull terriers, and bullmastiffs. The result was not only a breed similar to the old Victorian dogs, but also healthier.

victorian bulldog standing on the grass

The Victorian bulldog variety is slightly taller and less wide than typical bulldogs . He has fewer respiratory problems, which is a big concern for most brachycephalic breeds, as is the case with the traditional English bulldog.

Retain the same carefree, caring, and calm personality. It is said to be a trustworthy and emotionally intuitive dog . As a family pet he is second to none; Not only is he great with children, but he tends to get along with other animals.

Still, you must receive proper training; otherwise he might try to take over.

  • Origin: England
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Height: 41-48 cm
  • Weight: 25-34 kg
  • Temperament: loving, gentle, sociable, calm, trustworthy

10. Valley Bulldog

The Valley bulldog is another type of hybrid bulldog . To be specific, it is the result of the cross between the English bulldog and the boxer. It is considered a rare breed of bulldog , perhaps the reason for its increasing popularity in recent years.

mighty valley bulldog with red collar

This dog had been developing in the Annapolis Valley, a region of Nova Scotia, Canada, where it was used as a work companion. But it was not until the middle of the 20th century that the breed became known and began to gain international fame.

As a hybrid, it shares characteristics of both parents. You tend to be friendly and humorous by nature , as well as active, laid-back, playful, and curious. He thrives very well on human interaction and loves being the center of attention.

  • Origin: Canada
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Height: 35-45 cm
  • Weight: 18-36 kg
  • Temperament: active, energetic, affective, comical, relaxed, playful

11. Campeiro Bulldog

The Campeiro bulldog is another breed of the bulldog type, but this time of Brazilian origin. There is some debate about its emergence, as some claim that it descends from the extinct Old English bulldog, and others believe that it is actually an evolution of the thirdira mastiff, a dog native to Brazil.

What is clear is that the Campeiro has a long history as a working dog in rural settings. He’s a powerful , tenacious , loyal, and tough bulldog, but he’s not exactly the loving, company-loving bulldog we’re used to seeing.

beautiful campeiro bulldog walking outdoors

This breed is more focused on hard work. The Campeiro bulldog is proud to be part of your pack and will support you no matter what. It is an excellent watchdog that stands out for its attention span, vigilance and intelligence.

He is usually good with children; however it is important to socialize them and never let them interact unsupervised. Some owners report that the dog can be very protective and jealous .

  • Origin: Brazil
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Height: 48-58 cm
  • Weight: 34-44 kg
  • Temperament: loyal, protective, energetic, devoted

12. Continental Bulldog

Of Swiss origin, the continental bulldog was developed in search of a new type of bulldog, one that is healthier and more athletic than the English bulldog. The traditional English bulldog was crossed with different dogs, until in 2001 the expected result was obtained by crossing it with a bulldogge.

As you can see, the continental bulldog is a relatively new variation . He is described as a friendly, loving and energetic dog. He is very active, hence he needs constant exercise and stimulation.

continental bulldog on a leash

In addition, it exhibits great intelligence. It is exceptionally good at reading its owner’s emotions .

Training and socialization help you become a smooth-tempered and stable companion. A specimen of this breed is unlikely to become overly aggressive or overly shy.

  • Origin: Switzerland
  • Life expectancy: 10-12 years
  • Height: 38-53 cm
  • Weight: 21-30 kg
  • Temperament: friendly, confident, attentive, intelligent, sensitive

13. Bullmastiff

Although we do not commonly see it as such, the bullmastiff is also a type of bulldog . As the name of the breed suggests, this dog arose from the cross between the English Mastiff and the Old English Bulldog, now extinct. In his physique we can see features of both parents.

The bullmastiff is another large , muscular and strong specimen that is ideal for work. The original purpose of the breeders was to obtain a dog capable of protecting prey against poachers in the vast reserves of the aristocracy.

mighty bullmastiff standing in the bushes

Today, he is an excellent family companion , whose natural protective instincts make him a very reliable watchdog. He has a devoted, affectionate and playful personality. He is very fond of children and tends to get along well with other pets.

Still, it is not recommended for inexperienced owners. Sometimes bullmastiffs can become dominant.

  • Origin: England
  • Life expectancy: 8-10 years
  • Height: 61-69 cm
  • Weight: 45-60 kg
  • Temperament: alert, calm, courageous, devoted, protective, reliable

Many of these bulldogs are not officially recognized by the major kennel clubs. However, that does not prevent them from continuing to gain popularity. Breeds like the Australian bulldog and the continental bulldog are not only healthier, more athletic and adaptable to weather conditions, but their breeding is less intensive compared to other traditional bulldogs.

Other breeds of bulldog-type dogs

  1. Miniature english bulldog
  2. Alano español or Spanish bulldog
  3. Tiger-red bulldog
  4. Serrano bulldog
  5. Mammoth bulldog
  6. Amitola bulldog

Note . The numbers in the image correspond to the number of each breed in the list above. 

collage image of other types of bulldogs

Quick Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What characterizes bulldog dogs?

The races bulldog type have physical and temperamental characteristics very similar. They all have the following in common:

  • Medium body with a strong , muscular and heavy body structure .
  • Solid square head , flat face and hanging wrinkles, especially on either side of the jaw. They also have a short muzzle , hence they are classified as brachiocephalic dogs.
  • Hardworking and energetic spirit.
  • Personality that combines traits of kindness, docility, loyalty and desire to please, with traits of courage, protection and dominance.
  • Excellent skills as guard dogs .
  • Good relationship with children and other pets in the home, as long as they are well trained and socialized.

Despite being very similar, he considers that each bulldog breed is unique and exhibits its peculiarities.

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Which is better: the English or the French bulldog?

Since the English bulldog and the French bulldog are different dogs , we cannot say that one is better than the other.

Some owners are known to prefer the French bulldog because it tends to be more intelligent, affectionate, and resilient compared to the English bulldog. In addition, he not only has the size, but also the attitude of the typical lap dog. However, the choice between one and the other will always depend on what each person prefers.

Comparative table (main characteristics and requirements of both breeds)
Features / Requirements English bulldog French bulldog
Size Medium dog, with a height of 35 to 38 cm and a weight of 18 to 22 kg. Small dog, with an average height of 30 cm and a weight of 9 to 13 kg.
Temperament Relaxed, fun, dignified, docile, affectionate. Curious, playful, intelligent, loving.
Energy levels Low (a short walk a day or a game session is usually sufficient). Low (a short walk a day or a game session is usually sufficient).
Spill level Half Half
Tendency to bark Short Half
Toilet frequency Short Low (once a week)
Health problems Prone to common diseases in brachiocephalic dogs and other conditions. Prone to common diseases in brachiocephalic dogs and other conditions.
Training capacity Low (can be difficult to train due to his lazy and stubborn nature). Medium (intelligent dog capable of learning commands quickly).
Interaction with children Excellent Good
Interaction with other pets Good Good
Life expectancy 8 to 10 years 10 to 12 years

What type of bulldog is better?

Choosing which type of bulldog is best depends on what, as an owner, you want in a pet. If we focus on the three most popular breeds, the English bulldog, the American bulldog and the French bulldog, we will see that each has its own “advantages” and “disadvantages” .


For example, the English bulldog is a medium dog with a sweet and charismatic temperament, ideal for those who want a calm dog. However, this breed is very prone to different diseases , associated with both the shape of its face and the lack of genetic diversity.


For many, the American bulldog is the best of bulldogs . It is a dog that retains the appearance of its English predecessor, but that differs by its agility, disposition and resistance. Additionally, the breed exhibits great diversity, with varieties to suit different tastes.

However, it is known that he can be overly dominant and stubborn , hence it is not a good choice for first time owners, or that they cannot provide the necessary training and level of exercise.


For its part, the popular French bulldog is the ideal type of bulldog for those who want a stocky and muscular dog, but that is smaller . This is usually the favorite of many , both for the size and the distinctive appearance of their ears.

But like the English dog, the Frenchie often faces serious health problems. This can be a major disadvantage for those who are unwilling to deal with frequent vet visits.

Again, deciding which one is best comes down to a matter of personal preference and commitment.

What is the smallest bulldog type breed?

The smallest among all types of bulldog is the Frenchie or French bulldog. The specimens of this breed reach a height of 30 cm, and an average weight that goes from 9 to 13 kg. As a rule, French bulldogs cannot weigh more than 28 pounds.

It is an affectionate, cheerful dog, ideal as a family pet. It is one of the most popular bulldog breeds, not only because of its small size and bat-like ears, but also because of the wide variety of colors and types.

Some of the types of French bulldog to consider are the fawn, the pinto, the variegated, the brindle, the blue, the black and the white, among others.

Is there a type of miniature bulldog?

Yes. The miniature English bulldog , also known as the mini or toy bulldog, is a smaller variation of the pure English bulldog. The mini is a hybrid bulldog that is obtained by crossing with the pug breed . They are usually 25 to 35 cm tall, and weigh 11 to 18 kg.

Final thought

As we have seen throughout the article, there is a wide variety of bulldog-type dogs . Although they all share many of the traits that distinguish the original bulldog, each exhibits unique characteristics. The bulldog breed family offers a pet for all tastes.


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